Friday, October 8, 2010

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

Children's: What question does a baby bird ask of a dog, a cow and a steam shovel, in P.D. Eastman's classic?

Classics: What did Raymond Chandler describe in The Long Goodbye as "a city rich and vigorous and full of pride, a city lost and beaten and full of emptiness"?

Non-Fiction: Whose second memoir, The Play Goes On, opens with his wedding to Marsha Mason?

Book Club: What 1989 novel had its title character's name changed for the film Simon Birch, when the book's author objected to the adaptation?

Authors: What author began life as Adeline Virginia Stephen, but was called "the Goat" by her siblings?

Book Bag: What pen name did married co-authors Judith Barnard and Michael Fain adopt for their debut collaboration, Deceptions?


Marieke said...

1. Are you my mother? (Yay! Love that book.)

Karen said...

Are you my mother?
(No, but at least the Scary Snort returns baby to his home in time for mama's return with breakfast!)

Karen said...


New Orleans?


Simon Birch = Owen Meany (A Prayer for)

Jenny said...

Whoa, had no idea about Owen Meany. Consider my mind officially blown. :p

I like it when the baby bird says "You are not my mother. You are a Snort!"

Harriet M. Welsch said...

Children's: Are You My Mother? One of my all-time favorites for the "You are a snort" line.

Classics: Los Angeles.

Non-Fiction: Neil Simon

Book Club: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

Authors: Virginia Woolf

Book Bag: Judith Michael

Anonymous said...

Are you my mother?

Los Angeles

. . .

A Prayer for Owen Meany

Virginia Woolf

. . .

Harriet M. Welsch said...

By the way, Barnard and Fain used to be supporters of the orchestra I used to work for. I remember looking them up after I first saw their names on the list to see if they were who I thought they were.

Avid Reader said...

Children's: Are you my mother?

Classics: San Fran?

Book Club: Owen Meany (love it)

Authors: Virginia Woolf

Great questions this week!

Memory said...


Otherwise, I'm stumped.

Marie said...

No idea :-) Great questions Jeanne!

Jeanne said...

Children's: Are you my mother?
Classics: Los Angeles
Non-Fiction: Neil Simon's
Book Club: A Prayer for Owen Meany
Authors: Virginia Woolf
Book Bag: Judith Michael

Harriet got them all right, plus knew something extra about Judith Barnard and Michael Fain! And it sounds like we all learned something about John Irving.

Karenlibrarian said...

Children's -- Are You My Mother?

Non-Fiction -- Neil Simon

Book Club -- A Prayer for Owen Meany

Book Bag -- Judith Michaels