Friday, April 15, 2011

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

Children's: What classic book, credited to the mythical "Wally Piper," was later discovered to be adapted from an earlier story titled The Pony Engine?

Classics: What Shakespearean comedy includes the chilling stage direction: "Exit, pursued by a bear"?

Non-Fiction: Who charts her transformation from church choir singer to disco queen sex goddess, in her memoir Ordinary Girl?

Book Club: How many people does Eddie meet in heaven, according to Mitch Albom's 2003 novel?

Authors: Who came out of hiding to record a clip for The Simpsons, where he appeared with a bag over his head?

Book Bag: What novelist introduced the FBI-agent couple Dillon Savich and Lacy Sherlock in The Cove?

(I'll bet the guy who writes Exit, Pursued by a Bear knows one today!)


kittiesx3 said...

Non-fiction . . . Donna Summers?

Harriet said...

Children's: The Little Engine that Could

Classics: Winter's Tale

Non-Fiction: Donna Summer

Book Club: 5

Authors: Pynchon. Not just a bag -- a bag with a question mark on the forehead.

Book Bag: ??

Avid Reader said...

Classics: Winter's Tale (best line ever)

Book Club: 5

Karen K. said...

Book Club -- Five

Authors -- Salman Rushdie?

Alyce said...

I feel especially ignorant today, but got a kick out of your comment regarding the author of the "Exit Pursued by a Bear" blog. :)

Jenny said...

Winter's Tale is the only one I know. I am so crap at these Trivial Pursuits!

Marie said...

Author: Pynchon
That's it for me! Great quiz this week.

Jeanne said...

Children's: The Little Engine That Could
Classics: The Winter's Tale
Non-Fiction: Donna Summer
Book Club: Five
Authors: Thomas Pynchon
Book Bag: Catherine Coulter

Harriet, I didn't know Pynchon had such a flair for the dramatic!

Alyce, that blog was the second thing I thought of when I saw the question...