Friday, March 25, 2011

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

Children's: What agency, according to a Lucy Frank book, controls everything from screaming babies to unopenable pistachio nuts?

Classics: What statesman's six-volume series The Second World War opens with The Gathering Storm?

Non-Fiction: What 20th-century muckraker spent the latter years of his life investigating ancient Athens for his book The Trial of Socrates?

Book Club:  What city is under siege in 1204 by the knights of the Fourth Crusade, in Umberto Eco's Baudolino?

Authors: What author died of lung cancer at 42, after writing about her life as a "high-functioning alcoholic" in Drinking: A Love Story?

Book Bag: What science-fiction author invites others to write about his time-traveling assassin Jerry Cornelius?


Harriet said...

Wow, I only know authors: Carolyn Knapp.

Karen K. said...

Only two for me this week:

Classics: Winston Churchill

Authors: Carolyn Knapp

Melissa Hall said...

Classics: Churchill, that's all I got.

Joseph said...
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Joe said...

"Smith and Wesson and Me"

Al Roker

Giraldo Rivera

Akron, OH

Michelle Bachmann

Don Cornelius

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Knapp -- that's it!

Marie said...

Caroline Knapp is the only one I know too! I used to love her columns in the Boston Phoenix. Long live Alice K.

Jeanne said...

Children's: The Annoyance Bureau
Classics: Winston Churchill
Non-Fiction: I.F. Stone
Book Club: Constantinople
Authors: Carolyn Knapp
Book Bag: Michael Moorcock

This was already a hard one, and I made it harder with my typo on 1204, making it 2104 for a while and misleading some of you into thinking it was SF, making Joe's guess so much more plausible.

I would like to read a children's book with Joe's title, by the way.