Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tigana Part II

For the second part of the Tigana read-along, I read about Dianora, daughter of the sculptor mentioned in the prologue and sister to Baerd, the companion of Devin from Part I.  Her story is a pretty standard version of the female captive who was sworn to revenge but comes to love her captor, captivating him in return with her arts and graces.  Standard, that is, up until the point that she fails to let him be killed.

In her shock after saving the life of Brandin, the sorceror who has destroyed her country and family, Dianora is recalled to her purpose.  At the end of Part II, it's clear that she will look for a chance to destroy Brandin.  I'm pretty sure that she will become part of a two-prong effort to destroy both Brandin and Alberico at the same time, lest one of them sweep in to fill the void left by the death of the other.

So, 246 pages into this story, and the stage is finally set.  I'm hoping it will be worth all the preliminaries.


kittiesx3 said...

That's a whole lot of heavy lifting to get to the good stuff. Hope it's worth it :-)

Jeanne said...

Elizabeth, you know I'm not opposed to long set-ups... unless what's promised doesn't materialize in the detail necessary to balance all these preliminaries.