Sunday, January 2, 2011

Free E-book of the month

From Phoenix Picks science fiction publisher:
Our free give-away for January (by popular request) is Nancy Kress’ novella ‘Act One’ which was a Hugo and Nebula nominee in 2010.
Gardner Dozois of Locus writes that Act One is “one of the best of the
year...a compelling novella about a once-famous actress and her devoted
manager who get much more publicity of an unfortunate sort when they
inadvertently become embroiled with an act of biological terrorism with
potentially world-changing results.”
As a special treat for the new year readers will also be able to download
a short story by Hugo and Nebula winner, Alexei Panshin. ‘Sky Blue’ is
taken from Alexei Panshin’s critically acclaimed anthology, ‘Farewell to
Yesterday’s Tomorrow.’

The Coupon Code for January is 9992365. Instructions and download link (as
usual) at:


M. Denise C. said...

Thanks, Jeanne, and Happy 2011!

Jeanne said...

Denise, glad to know you like this--they offer one every month, but I'm not always on the ball enough to pass on the information.