Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seven Books I Wouldn't Normally Read

If I read seven books I wouldn't normally read, does that mean they may be books I won't read normally (in small bits with a cat on my lap)?

Looking at the blog of someone who entered the Stieg Larsson book giveaway (the blog is entitled You Weren't So Jumpy in the Old Days, Steve), I discovered a contest on
Shelf Monkey about reading seven books that you would normally not read, amusingly corresponding to the seven stages of grief. This is better than my "read one book you think you'll disagree with this summer" idea! So I'm subsuming my little idea into his bigger one. Here are the stages of the challenge, as its author describes it:

Shock (one review)
Denial (two reviews)
Bargaining (three reviews)
Guilt (four reviews)
Anger (five reviews)
Depression (six reviews)
Acceptance (seven reviews)
By the end, those who have finished this grueling course will find themselves spiritually cleaner, and emotionally more well-rounded. And you'll be able to proudly hold your head up and say, "Yes, I have read Dan Brown, thank you, and this is why he sucks!"

Personally, I like Dan Brown, especially for something like airplane reading. I figure that among the other advantages of joining this challenge is the possibility of discussing why we pick out the kinds of books we usually read.

By the way, I'm excited by the number of people who have entered the giveaway. I'm choosing to believe that each one of you is at least an occasional lurker, and it's good to know your names.

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Lori L said...

It's always nice to see someone else who mentions that a book would be a great airplane book, LOL! The monikers "great airplane book" or "perfect vacation read" can boost a score of a normally so-so book by several points for me.