Wednesday, June 18, 2008


You probably thought we were just goofing off around here. Well, we have been reading books. As my faithful readers will recall, I'm not in favor of listing every book I read, but I'll mention in passing that I read M.J. Rose's The Reincarnationist, Stephen Evans' The Marriage of True Minds, and Catherine Ryan Hyde's Love In the Present Tense, all of which I enjoyed, and Alice Sebold's The Almost Moon, which I loathed. Like almost everyone in the world, I enjoyed The Lovely Bones, gruesome as it was, but The Almost Moon is just unpleasant, and the ending doesn't redeem it at all. The Marriage of True Minds was my favorite of all these books--it was a kind of romp, and it was about something I think about--how, especially with humane society and environmental issues, half measures are often not enough. Well, here's a book about someone who went all the way for what he believed. And his logic was so much fun to try to follow! Also he has fun with lobsters.

Why have we not been just goofing off? Because on Friday night a thunderstorm came through, and we weren't home to see or hear it completely destroy our modem, quite probably our router, one of two identical garage door openers, and our new television. The cable people have been out three times, and we've reached the limits of my knowledge about how our computers are connected to the modem and router and each other. Today the cable guy kindly connected one of the wires from the modem directly into my laptop so I could stop feeling so um, disconnected this week while Ron is at an IT conference and I'm here coordinating the home base for a lonely guinea pig (yes, Sandy succumbed on Father's Day), a sick cat, and an all-day smorgasbord for kids with hungry friends .

What to do? We went to the library and checked out a bunch of unimportant books that look fun. If any of them turn out to be memorable, I'll let you know. When I can.

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