Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funny words

Walker and I are morning people. We're having a hard time adjusting to the theater life this week, with rehearsals for Peter Pan going until midnight. But the end is near--tonight is opening night. If the costumers can get Walker's Lost Boy pants to stay on (they're loose around the waist, and the decorative rope belt doesn't help) and if the pit orchestra I'm playing in can keep straight which parts we're playing and which we've x-ed out or put in vamps and repeats because the music the cast was given is SO DIFFERENT from the score and the individual instrumental parts (thank you, Samuel French Company), the show will be great.

All I've had time to read this week is the new Stephanie Plum novel, Janet Evanovich's Fearless Fourteen. It's just the thing for summer--fun, but no surprises. I don't think the writing was as good as in any of the previous 13. The tension between Stephanie picking Ranger or Joe Morelli was ratcheted down a level, and details like where the severed toes that are sent to Joe's house in the mail actually came from are missing (or else I missed them in my state of sleep deprivation). But it does have Lula making wedding plans, and incomprehensible video-game terms tossed around as if they're everyday conversation, which I find quite amusing:

"I'm going online as soon as I'm done with breakfast," she said. "I'm gonna lay waste to the griefer."
I looked over at my mother and she made a gesture like she was going to hang herself.
"What's a griefer?" I asked. I'd heard Zook use the term, but I didn't actually know what it meant. I also knew Moondog was a griefer, but I didn't know what a Moondog was, either.
"A griefer's a snert," Grandma said. "A cheese player. A twink."
I nodded. "That makes it all clear."

About as clear as Walker's comment that "King DeeDeeDee threw wattle-dees, and wattle-dees have the most chance of coming up, and wattle-doos have less chance of coming up. And Gordos are really, really rare." What this means, I don't know. But it SOUNDS hilarious.

The way I participate in conversations about video games is about the way someone who has misheard the lyrics to a song can talk about music. You know, that song by Glen Campbell "country boy, you've got your feet in the lake, but your mind is on the sea..." or "I believe in Delco....all the sexy thing" ("I Believe in Miracles"). Haven't you ever done this? Despite the fact that my kids' generation is learning the music of my generation by playing Guitar Hero (I made the avatar throw down his guitar when I tried to play "Barracuda," but my kids can get through most of the songs), there's still lots of room for misunderstanding on the lyrics, at least until we get the sing-along version of Guitar Hero! Walker still hears "Give me the strength to face the laundry in the dark" when he hears the song "The Truth Beneath the Rose" by Within Temptation. And isn't that just more fun than the original line ("give me the strength to face the wrong that I have done")?

If you like misheard song lyrics, you've got to go to

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Anonymous said...

I made the avatar cry the first time I played Guitar Hero.

I would imagine Walker would prefer for his pants not to fall down during his performance. Dunno, but that'd be my guess.

And, to say you're a morning person is really to say that a night owl, you ain't.