Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

My friend Karen, who is a chemistry professor, made a Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers game appear in my mailbox at the local college, saying in the attached card that it was time for it to find a more literary home where the kind of loud, animated games she imagines for it might get played over the holidays.

Well, at Non-Necromancy Headquarters we fully intend to make her dream come true. But first, I thought I'd give you a chance to play. I'll give you all of the questions on one card and you'll attempt to answer as many as you can in the comments. Then the right answers will appear here on Monday (Dec. 14).


1. In the "children's" category: Who included a star-studded CD along with her songbook Philadelphia Chickens, hyped as a "too-illogical zoological musical revue"?
2. In the "classics" category: What Arthur Conan Doyle character was based on a shrewd Victorian criminal named Adam Worth?
3. In the "non-fiction" category: What hot-selling 1995 instructional manual was subtitled Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right?
4. In the "book club" category: What tearjerker was the first William Styron book ever performed as an opera?
5. In the "authors" category: What best selling novelist was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an "Outstanding American" in 1992?
6. In the "book bag" category: What was Janet Evanovich's follow-up to her best-selling thriller One for the Money?



Unknown said...

Without googling, the only one I know is 2) Professor Moriarty. I probably SHOULD know 1) but have forgotten, and I've never heard of the others.

Paperback Reader said...

I'm using my own Book Lovers Trivial Pursuit for a meme every Tuesday and asking questions from it.

2. Moriarty
3. The Rules?
4. Sophie's Choice

Karen said...

2) Professor Moriarty
6) Two for the Show?

These are my guesses. May my dream be oft-fulfilled.

PS. I thought of _The Rules_ for #3, as well, but I wasn't confident enough of the answer to list it until I saw Paperback Reader had listed it. Once I saw her paper, I wrote down my own answer. That's not cheating, professor, is it? I swear I thought of it first but just didn't trust myself until I saw someone else write it down, too! (Ooooh, here comes exam week...)

Amanda said...

Interesting! I love this concept. I'm afraid I don't know too many of the answers, but here are my best guesses:

1. sorry, no clue.
2. Perhaps Moriarty?
3. ?
4. Maybe Sophie's Choice? I think that's William Styron...
5. ?
6. I avoid this author at all costs... :D

Harriet said...

1. Sandra Boynton
2. Moriarty
3. The Rules
4. Sophie's Choice
5. John Irving
6. No idea

PAJ said...

1. Sandra Boynton
2. Moriarty
4. Sophie's Choice
5. John Irving
6. Two for the Dough

I'm not big on instructional manuals!

Florinda said...

My guesses:

1) No idea (I'm not Googling!)
2) Professor Moriarty
3) "The Rules"
4) "Sophie's Choice"
5) John Irving
6) "Two for the Dough"

There's really a Book-Lovers' Edition of Trivial Pursuit? I need to put that on MY Christmas wish list! (But I think my family would refuse to play it with me.)

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

My only guesses would be THE RULES and SOPHIE'S Choice. Completely clueless about the others.

lemming said...

1) Sandra Boynton


3) Bridget Jones

4) Sophie's Choice

5) Pat Conroy

6)Two For the Dough