Monday, December 21, 2009

Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?

Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me, by Louise Rennison, is subtitled "Final Confessions of Georgia Nicolson." It's the final book in the series (listed in order here):
Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging
It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers (UK) On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God (US)
Knocked Out by my Nunga-Nungas
Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants
And That's When It Fell Off in My Hand (UK) Away Laughing on a Fast Camel (US)
Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers
Startled By His Furry Shorts
Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing (UK) Love is a Many Trousered Thing (US)
Stop in the Name of Pants
Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?

Eleanor and I found this last book an entirely satisfactory ending to the series, especially because Georgia ends up with The Right Boy. No, I'm not going to tell you who it is. But I'll bet you'll agree, if you've read any of the previous books!

I was particularly tickled by Georgia's treatment of her parents, this time around, especially this scene with her mother:
"Mum came mumming in, in her knickers. Well, if you can call them that.
Hang on a minute.
I said, "Mum, are you wearing a thong?"
She is. She is wearing a thong!
I said to her, "If you have a road accident, I will not be coming to explain your underwear to the emergency services."
She just looked at me and went off into the bathroom....Well. Then I remembered my new shoes.
I shouted to her, "Mum, could I just borrow..."
Before I could finish, she shouted back, "No!"
What is the point of parents? They wonder why the youth of today goes wrong. If they would merely give us what we wanted and keep away from us, all would be well....
Instead of Mum just lending me her black Chanel stilettos and everything being nice and easy, I am now going to have to sneak into her wardrobe, smuggle them out in my bag, wear them, sneak back into her room, and replace them.
They force us into a life of crime."
Oh, the teenage logic! It's funnier when it's not your own kid.

I laughed my way through Georgia's usual neologisms and the regularly-scheduled antics of her cat, which were amplified, in this book, by the addition of a budgie to her household. Georgia's cat Angus stares at the budgie much the same way our cat Tristan stared at our parakeets:
"Bum-ty seems to have fewer and fewer feathers. And she has gone off her Trill.
I'm not surprised with the twenty-four-hour cat staring that goes on."

The title line is deftly woven in, not only with some of the running jokes of the whole series, but with the particular plot of this novel. I think Rennison's timing is impeccable, and she's left her so-far-most famous creation, Georgia, at the right time, and in the right place.


Amanda said...

I'm supposed to read Angus for the Printz Project, but I have to admit, all those titles are really off-putting to me.

Jeanne said...

Amanda, sometimes your taste differs from mine, but I think these books are fun. The titles are typical teenage girl nonsense. In fact, Saturday night, my daughter and a friend were going to a "rave" (they jump up and down to techno music) and the friend put on some fairly subtle false eyelashes for the occasion. She came into the living room and said to me, "look, I'm wearing boy entrancers!"

Jodie said...

I loved the start of the series which came out when I was a teen and reminded me tons of this 'Just 17' fictional life column me and my friends were obsessed with (I think that got turned into some books actually). I'm wondering whetehr to start again and read the whole series now it's finally come to an end.

edj3 said...

It's like a whole different world--I had two sons, so I missed out on boy entrancers.

Kristen said...

I love Georgia! I hadn't realized I am as far behind in the series as I am. I used to be right on top of it. Story of my life, really.