Friday, May 14, 2010

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

Children's: What children's classic takes place largely on Zuckerman's farm?

Classics: What play by T.S. Eliot climaxes with the assassination of Archbishop Thomas a Becket?

Non-Fiction: What onetime head of the Freud Archives went on to debunk Freud's theories in The Assault on Truth and Final Analysis?

Book Club: What did Mary Monroe title the sequel to her novel God Don't Like Ugly?

Authors: What wisecracking author of Social Studies and Progress has a recurring role on TV's Law & Order as arraignment judge Janice Goldberg?

Book Bag: What runaway bestseller did John Grisham admit he wrote by following the Writer's Digest guidelines for a suspense novel?


Sherck said...

Children's: Charlotte's Web

And I'd guess the Book Bag answer might be The Firm.

Harriet said...

Children's: Charlotte's Web
Classics: Murder in the Cathedral. I was fascinated with Becket's story as a child and wrote some kind of essay (I'm not sure what kind) on Murder in the Cathedral and Anouilh's Becket, or The Honor of God one summer for fun. I guess I was doomed for academia early.
Non-Fiction: Masson. Although in truth, I had to go check the book spine on my shelf, as I can never remember this guy's name.
Book Club: I've never even heard of Mary Monroe
Authors: The fabulous Fran Lebowitz. Although I may be the only person in America who has never seen Law and Order
Book Bag: He only wrote one that way?

Avid Reader said...

Children's: Charlotte's Web

Classics: Murder in the Cathedral

Book Bag: The Firm (not positive about this one, but I think it's right)

Valerie said...

Children: Charlotte's Web, a favorite with all three of my boys
Classics: Murder in the Cathedral
Book Bag: The Firm, not my favorite book of Grisham's

It has been a while since I actually knew three answers!

Jeanne said...

Children's: Charlotte's Web
Classics: Murder in the Cathedral
Non-Fiction: Jeffrey Masson
Book Club: God Still Don't Like Ugly
Authors: Fran Lebowitz
Book Bag: The Firm

Collectively, we got everything except Mary Monroe. (I've never heard of her before, either.)

Mrs. Vincent said...

I'm glad I at least knew Charlotte's Web! All the other ones: Fail. Maybe that's why I blog about kid's/YA books!!!!

Jeanne said...

Mrs. Vincent, they're always really hard. And I only play cards on which I know three of the six!

Jeanne said...
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