Friday, April 30, 2010

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

Children's: What does The BFG stand for, in Roald Dahl's 1982 tale?

Classics: What great-grandson of John Adams anonymously published Democracy, a scathing political satire about Washington DC in 1880?

Non-Fiction: Who recalled his years as CIA chief, in the memoir A Look Over My Shoulder?

Book Club: What Jay McInerney novel shows Russell and Corrine Calloway dragged down by Wall Street's 1987 decline?

Authors: What science-fiction author won the 1982 Marconi Award for his work in radar and communications?

Book Bag: What 26-square-mile island must Cormac O'Connor never leave in order to stay immortal, in Pete Hamill's novel, Forever?


FreshHell said...

Classics: Big Friendly Giant (awesome books)
Book Club: Brightness Falls

Libby said...

classics: Henry Adams
Big Friendly Giant is the only other one I got...

John said...

Authors: Arthur C. Clarke

Valerie said...

Authors: Arthur C. Clarke

It has been a while since I knew one the second that I read it!

Betty (Beth) said...

Childrens: Big Friendly Giant
Book Bag: Manhattan??

Avid Reader said...

Children's: The Big Friendly Giant (love that book)

Book Bag: Manhattan

That's all I got.

FreshHell said...

"Childrens: " is what I meant but really, all of Dahl's should fall under "classics".

Jenny said...

Children's: Big Friendly Giant
Book Bag: Manhattan

Karen said...

Big Friendly Giant

Probably not Asimov, but that's who comes to mind.

Long Island? I seem to remember it being New York...(oh. Now I see that others are saying Manhattan. Well, I'll leave up my honest first guess.)

Harriet said...

Children's: Big Friendly Gian
Classics: Henry
Non-Fiction: I don't remember
Book Club: Brightness Falls. He wrote about them again in another book after 9/11. Can't remember the name of that one, though
Authors: Clarke?
Book Bag: No idea. Manhattan?

Alyce said...

I love these posts, but really I hardly ever know any of the answers! :)

Anonymous said...

CC: Big Friendly Giant
Classics: Henry Adams
Non Fiction: Don't Remember
Book Club: Brightness falls
Authors: ?
Book Bag: ? But it must be Manhattan.

Marie said...

Don't know any of these! :-) How fun :-) I love your trivia posts.

Jeanne said...

Children's: The Big Friendly Giant
Classics: Henry Adams
Non-Fiction: Richard Helms
Book Club: Brightness Falls
Authors: Arthur C. Clarke
Book Bag: Manhattan

We missed Helms, but got the rest.

The post-9/11 sequel to Brightness Falls is entitled The Good Life. I loved the first, didn't care much for the second.