Friday, January 15, 2010

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

Friday again, and time to play another round--this week's questions are easier than last week's, so give them a try!

Children's: What novel concludes the His Dark Materials trilogy--The Amber Spyglass, The Golden Compass or The Subtle Knife?
Classics: What detective starred in The Yellow Face, The Devil's Foot and The Engineer's Thumb?
Non-Fiction: Who was already gone in 2002 when his Journals, which included the entry "Don't read my diary when I'm gone," hit the bestseller lists?
Book Club: What W.P. Kinsella novel appeared in theaters as Field of Dreams?
Authors: Who was the only narrator Barbara Kingsolver would trust to get the Appalachian accents right for the audio version of Prodigal Summer?
Book Bag: What handbook by Mel Brooks' son Max explains how to protect yourself from the living dead?

Put your answers in the comments.


Karen said...

Children's: The Amber Spyglass
Classics: Holmes
Non-Fiction: ?
Book Club: Shoeless Joe
Authors: ?
Book Bag: ?

Harriet said...

Childen's: The Amber Spyglass
Classics: Sherlock Holmes
Non-Fiction: Kurt Cobain
Book Club: Shoeless Joe
Authors: herself?
Book Bag: Zombie Survival Guide. How did I not know this was the son of Mel?

hcmurdoch said...

Just discovered your blog through 451 blogs at As Usual I Need More Bookshelves and became a follower. I have heard about the literature version of Trivial Pursuit, but am scared I'd be embarrassed by how little I know!

Jenny said...

Ha, I am officially very ignorant of all books ever. I only know the first two! And here I thought I was sort of well-read-ish.

bermudaonion said...

You've made me very curious about the audio version of Prodigal Summer. I want to hear the accent on the book now since my husband is from that part of the country and I've heard that accent plenty!

Jeanne said...

HARRIET: YOU WIN! For the first time ever, someone got all the right answers!

Karen, all your answers were right. I know you're not too chagrined to be outdone by Harriet, since that's why you sent me the game in the first place.

Jenny, as Karen has noted, it's possible to be VERY well read and still have a hard time with these questions. They're hard.

So HC Murdoch, no need for embarrassment. I ask only the cards that I know the answers to at least half the questions on, and I took comprehensive oral exams on all of English and American literature at one time.

Kathy, Have you read that B.K. is living back in Appalachia now? Prodigal Summer is my least favorite of her books; I find it the most preachy.

writtenwyrdd said...

1. "Amber Spyglass"
2-5. I'm an ignoramus, I don't have a clue.
6. "How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse," is my WAG (wild-a**ed guess.)

Found your blog via Lost in Books. I love your rather ascerbic voice in your posts!

Jeanne said...

Writtenwyrdd, thanks! Now I want to prance around saying "I'm ascerbic" in the same voice Peter Pan uses to say "I'm sweet"

Harriet said...

Just lucky this time. I have read most of the books mentioned today (and Sherlock Holmes we read every winter. It's kind of a tradition around her). Kingsolver was a guess, but it seemed like a Kingsolver thing to do, so I'm not surprised to find I guessed correctly.

Two Bloggers said...

I love these posts! Thanks so much for putting them up.

writtenwyrdd said...

Cool. And vastly better than your shooting flechettes at me out of your eyes.