Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's the start of the semester at the local college, always a crazy time at my house. It's crazier than usual this year because some friends who we hoped would live here in our town with us forever are suddenly forced to move away, and so added to the usual time pressure is an emotional pressure, putting us all in a cooker where we will stew until their moving day, this Saturday.

So my sense of a new beginning as fall semester starts is turned upside-down and sideways by my friends' sudden need to move. It's feeling like this kind of a beginning:


Bedder not tew admit that
the author of the pome, whos
vois has not bin perjered,
whos breth vybrates with

the phan's roteytion, whos
narrashun may bee unreliabl,
hs mor to say than the vegeteble
berger sizzling ovur charcoles,

kreates altitoodes fromb which
to plummit fertively, sincs into
plush orange pyle, then sirfases
too inform thoes wating that

the oke leef shaches, that won
centence is not the biginning.

I'm trying to take comfort from the sound of the last line. That the seeming prison sentence ("you must move away") is not the beginning of a new and very bad chapter, but merely the end of something. Because when things end, however badly, there's always hope for starting again.

That's what I wish for my friends--enough hope to start again. It's easy to get crushed by bad circumstances, and they've had more than their share. It's hard to keep hoping. Sometime you have to do it anyway, even when the world doesn't seem to make much sense...when it's past the season for cookouts and swimming and everything pleasant.


Harriet said...

Amen to that.

Cschu said...

A good post. Thanks, Jeanne. We are all feeling a little crushed on their behalf and our own.

Cschu said...

Is it bad to seriously consider blowing up your boss? Surely there's something in the Old Testament that tells me it is OK....

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sob. Thank you for tending my DNA. So sad.