Friday, January 23, 2009

Twilight Parody

This is the best parody of the Twilight movie ever. Why is it the best? Because it includes other vampires from fiction and popular culture, like Bunnicula.

Since Eleanor wrote the screenplay, I might be a bit prejudiced about it. I appear as a dark mysterious vampire leader. (This is the closest thing to a picture of me on the internet.) Both my kids are in it, as Elf and Edgar, and Ron plays Count Von Count. Some of our pets even make an appearance.

You want to see it. I know you do. Go here:
Part One: Elf and Blade Vampire Movie
Part Two: Elf and Blade Vampire Movie


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's pretty fun. I enjoyed the full version where not everyone sounded like chipmunk. It is a funny parody.

Jeanne said...

Cschu, admit it--you're prejudiced too!
Cschu is the mother of "Blade," who helped "Elf" make a version of the movie for a local library contest, and they sped it up a little to get it under 10 minutes, which made the voices sound funny.

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged

Jeanne said...

Since I wrote that, there's another picture of me on the internet; Eleanor took it and we put it on my new facebook page. Maybe I'll figure out how to get it over here, too.