Sunday, August 31, 2008

Movies out of season

Eleanor got a bit of facebook "flair" on Friday that said
"July 9? Why not just cancel Christmas?"

I was glad to know that there are other people out there who had been looking forward to seeing the new Harry Potter movie at Thanksgiving. But now the release date has been moved to July. Who wants to see Harry Potter in July? The atmosphere of the book (this one is the Half-Blood Prince) is just right for late November, not for a bright, American summer.

I also liked the way the flair was worded, because I'm pretty sure it's a conscious echo of the actor who plays Snape (Alan Rickman) at his villainous worst as the Sheriff of Nottingham, snapping "and cancel Christmas" as he stomps out of the room. Yes, it was in that Robin Hood version with Kevin Costner. What do I care if Kevin didn't do an English accent? Go pick on the studio that did the story with animals.

Or better yet, send your letters of outrage to the Harry Potter studio, Warner Brothers.

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