Friday, February 5, 2010

Trivial Pursuit for Book-Lovers

Children's: Who introduced children to medieval England with the award-winning novels Catherine, Called Birdy and The Midwife's Apprentice?

Classics: What character awakes to find 40 tiny men armed with bows and arrows marching across his chest?

Non-Fiction: Who described the Lafferty brothers, two Mormon fundamentalists "told by God" to kill a woman and her infant child, in Under the Banner of Heaven?

Book Club: What 19th-century abolitionist is central to the Russell Banks novel Cloudsplitter?

Authors: What creature does Maurice Sendak sneak into his illustrations to honor the old-world meaning of his surname?

Book Bag: What Harlan Ellison novella lands Vic and his telepathic mutt Blood in a bleak post-war future?

I think this week's questions are easier than most (which is to say they're still pretty hard), so try a guess if you're not sure!


Alison said...

Classics: Gulliver!
Book Bag: A Boy and his Dog.

Jenny said...

Children's: Karen Cushman
Classics: Gulliver
Book Club: John Brown

I have no idea about the Maurice Sendak thing, but I'm curious!

Karen said...

Gulliver is the only answer I knew off the top of my head.

Florinda said...

Nonfiction: Jon Krakauer (and I still need to read that, by the way)

The only other ones I had a guess at have been answered already :-).

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Classics: Gulliver
Non-Fiction: Jon Krakauer (I love him!)

And that's all I know :)

Sherck said...

I know exactly as much as Kim here.

Jeanne said...

The Maurice Sendak thing is a fish! You collectively got the other ones right:

Children's: Karen Cushman
Classics: Gulliver
Non-Fiction: Jon Krakauer
Book Club: John Brown
Authors: A Fish
Book Bag: A Boy and His Dog